Conference Themes


I- Natural Resources in Africa New Perspectives;

  • Mineral Resources.

  • Plant and soil Resources.

  • Animal Resources.

  • Water Resources.

  • Climate Change.

II- Space and African Challenges;

  • Overview of African and Global strategies in Education, Space, Science and Technology.

  • African Space Strategy and Egypt’s Vision on the Implementation Mechanisms.

  • Overview on Synergy with Global Space Arena.

III- Geo Risks Mitigation in Africa;

  • Seismic hazard Mitigation and sustainable development.

  • Droughts and floods, Impact of climatic change in Africa.

  • Role of Geophysics in Preserving Cultural heritage from Geo-risks.

IV- Education in Africa New Perspectives;

  • Using technology in education.

  • Strategy and Methods of education.

  • Improving education.

V- Community, Culture and health in Africa

  • Culture and religion in Africa.

  • Role of civil organizations in Africa.

  • Health status in Africa.

  • Tribal Future in Africa.

VI- Future of Conflict and Peace building in Africa;

  • Ethnic conflicts.

  • Regional Conflicts.

  • Strategies for peace building.